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"Our video has set a new standard against which other campaign videos will be judged." 

 AL CHECCIO,  Vice President for Development,  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

"A good, interesting and largely unknown story extremely well told. Thanks for all your fine work."


"An exceptional recruitment piece."

 CHRISTOPH GUTTENTAG,  Director of Admissions, Duke University  

"A bold and exciting rendition of life as an undergraduate."

 RICHARD SHAW,  Dean of Admission,  Yale University

"Your campaign video has worked its magic for almost a year-and-a-half now!"

 SUSAN WESTON,  Director of Communications and Stewardship,  Brown University

 "A moving stewardship tribute to our highest level donors."

 KRISTEN ROZANSKY,   Director, Donor Relations,  The Wharton School,  University of Pennsylvania 

"Your discerning ear and open mind were at the heart of the production of a great video."

 MONIQUE DEVANE,  Dean of Admission,  Thacher School

 ​​​​​"Not Just for a great film, but for the pleasure that comes with working in a partnership

 so infused with our shared concern for this university and its students, we thank you!"

 THEODORE A. O'NEILL,  Dean of Admission,  University of Chicago 

"Please have any prospective client call me for a reference and I will tell him or her to

 stop looking and hire you right away."

 JAMES A. GRAY III,  Associate Dean, Marketing & Communications​,  The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

"I attribute a number of gifts directly to the video you produced."

 CATHERINE L. SPINELLI,  Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, ​ Choate Rosemary Hall

"I expected great things when we hired you to produce our campaign videos,

 but the results have truly blown us all away."

 MARK WOOD,   Senior Director of Communications,  Pomona College

"This letter is the functional equivalent of a standing ovation."

 BOB DURKEE,  Vice President for Public Affairs,  Princeton University